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Democratize Analytics for Digital Assets with AI

Your Gateway to Effortless Digital Asset Discovery and Advanced Analytics

Top Collections

Monitor fundamental metrics & indices of the top NFT collections in last week

Take control of the market

Get ahead of the curve by utilizing advanced services

  • AI-Generated Dashboards

    Lightnift removes the digital asset decision-making barrier for users at all levels by leveraging industry-first LLM based digital asset analytics search engine to understand their genuine needs and curating customized dashboards through aggregation of diverse data sources and charts.

  • Spot Instant Opportunities

    With a pricing model unlike any other, this platform constantly scans the market to find the best instant digital asset opportunities for you.

  • Adapt to the Market

    Armed with powerful data and analytics, Lightnift empowers traders to confidently fine-tune their financial positioning and adapt to the volatility in the market.

  • Unlock the True Value of Digital Assets

    By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Lightnift’s analytics engine produces the highest accuracy in the market for the price and profit predictions of the unique digital assets.

How it Works ?

Digital asset data meets ML/AI for ultimate solution

Curated Data Sources

Lightnift collects and compiles; on-chain (transaction, metadata) and off-chain (listings & bids, rarity, social media) data from curated web sources.

Machine Learning Power

Lightnift’s analytics engine utilizes pricing and risk modeling based on the latest machine learning techniques, with all value-driver parameters collected & created.

Custom Dashboards & API

Lightnift shares its wisdom with smart dashboards that users may customize to meet their needs, and robust API access for enterprises.

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